Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New ideas

In Thailand I saw many amazing flower garlands which had been constructed in a very 3 dimensional way. I also saw sculptures created from thousands of mini flower buds which were very beautiful. They were very origami like and I am wondering how I can interpret these ideas into my work. The above images are made up of hundreds of chinese modular origami pieces. This could perhaps be created with layers of cotton fabric bonded together to create a stiff material that can be folded. The best way this could work would be to create folds in the knitted fabric by lifting stitches (could be in a pattern or random) and then attach the origami shapes into this fold, so they grow out of the tucks. I could also create circular growing origami shapes which have been sewn onto a knitted sample after. This could be done so by creating a simple entrelac sample and then attaching the origami pieces in different ways to these diagonal folds.

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