Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mrkus Linnenbrink

German painter Markus Linnenbrink drills holes into layers of colored epoxy resin, creating pockmark-like craters in dimensional paintings that are busy and alive with color. They have the feel of optical illusions…makes my head spin.
Here, the artist hasapplied copious layers of intensely colored resin to wood and then drilled out areas, forming deep and exquisitely chromatic concentric circles. The purposeful removal of material reveals the multicolored strata below, like an otherworldly excavation. Crowded clusters of circular shapes give the work’s surface a visually complex, pockmarked appearance. The 7-foot-long
Contemporary painting by Markus Linnenbrink: Eyecansee, 2003-2007.Photoclose up detail

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