Friday, 25 December 2009

Pitt Rivers Museum

I visited the Pitt Rivers Museum as I am at home and have wanted to go since it was mentioned to us at college. I also discovered they had quite a few Native American objects in there, so it would be a good source of inspiration for my project. It was a really interesting place, particularly the way the objects are shown together. It is quite cluttered, and the main room is very dark, so I did actually find it quite difficult to see things. However, the balcony which housed quite a few more objects was a bit lighter, and this was my favourite bit of the museum. I was particularly inspired by the beading from all different parts of the world. This opened my eyes up to cultures I wouldn't necessary think of exploring such as India, Pakistan, China. I find the jewellery from these cultures fascinating, and would love to do a project featuring these sometime in the future. Also, the beading and headdresses from Kenya were particularly beautiful. There wasn't as much Native American objects as I had hoped for, however I took some good photographs which I plan to draw and study from. It was difficult to get really good quality photos in terms of exact colour, but they have inspired me to think towards what colour scheme I would like to use. My scoubidous came in the post which I plan to try and knit into my machine to make fringing once I get back to London. As I used fringing in my previous project I need to ensure these have a totally different aesthetic. Perhaps I could attach fringing onto a big chunky piece of knitting (wool and chunky machine), and then felt it. This way I can cut out square like shapes to imitate my dimensional drawings. The fringing could be quite spaced out on the chunky machine, as it would gather together quite a bit once I have felted it.

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