Thursday, 31 December 2009

Crazy on Kachinas

After completing a few different drawings and collages focusing on the kachina dolls I had planned to look into other aspects of Buffy's culture, such as the beadwork, jewellery and quillwork. However, after flicking through quite a few books for inspiration I felt a little overwhelmed by the vast amount to look at/draw. In addition, after finding more images of the kachina dolls on the Internet I couldn't help but draw more and more of them. I think they are so interesting and unique and as this is a short project, I figured I will just really focus on them. I particularly like the old style kachinas the best, as they are more naive looking and quite retro. Each one is completely different and I can't help spending hours on the Internet trying to find more and more. I need to try and finalise my colour scheme tomorrow so I can get thinking about yarns. I have a good idea of the colours I want to use but I need to get it down on paper so it is clear. From further exploration of the kachina dolls, I'd like the samples to be quite illustrative and playful. I'd love them to be made up of tiny little kachina faces, but not too sure how this could be achieved. I also plan to look into other research, such as beading etc for ideas on technique to combin Style Hopi Aya KachinaeLarge Traditional Hopi Salako Mana KachinaTraditional Style Hopi Hilili Kachina with the images of the kachinas. I have included some more images of the most recent old style kachinas I have found. Traditional Style Kachina Sculpture

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