Saturday, 9 January 2010

Monster faces everywhere!

I am becoming ever obsessed with research involving kachina inspired monster faces. I'd really like this collection to be very illustrative and playful, and well as intricate and detailed. I discovered Michael Velliquette's work a while ago but have just stumbled across it again this morning on the blog BOOOOOOOM! As well as being very relevant to my theme and research, I absolutely love his work. I love the playfulness, and the amazing intricacy. The colours are also great, and there is so much variation of detail and technique involved. I am always a fan of things which come out of the wall in a 3-D effect, so I have to say his work really ticks all the boxes for me!
Ideas for taking into knitwear:
Perhaps I could add sections onto the machine as I knit - make a load of highly embellished pieces such as cut fabric, leather, beading, felt, etc, and then loop onto the machine like free hand drawing. (If each piece has a small acetate border at the top so that it can be hole punched).

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