Sunday, 19 October 2008

Bond Street

Bond street is known for it's array of upmarket shops, it is in the Mayfair district of London and has been a fashionable shopping street since the 18th century. In the past Bond street was best known for top end art dealers and antiques shops, scattered around the the London office of Sotheby's auction house, which has been in Bond street for over a hundred years. Nowadays there are predominately fashion boutiques, included some of the most expensive and cutting edge designers in the world. The street has a real sense of old traditional London and the buildings have a classic regal aesthetic to them. The people who visit the area are mostly wealthy and stylish shoppers, as well as many international jet setters. Since 1700 Bond street has been the home to some of the most wealthy, stylish and influential people, and remains today a hotspot for celebrities and socialites.

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