Sunday, 19 October 2008

Guillermo Kuitca at Hauser & Wirth Gallery

I visited Guillermo Kuitca's work who is described as 'a painter of space, an organiser of emptiness'. The works above are the ones which I was most attracted to, the first image is of a long painting 'in which migrant splinters of a map blizzard the image, presenting a maelstrom of disconnected information'. From far away the image looks like a large photograph of split up map pieces, but when you look closely you notice it has been painstakingly painted. Even though the artist is based in Buenos Aires, the colours of the map reminded me of the tube map. The two other images are of eight digital drawings. They are 'maps and architectural plans that have been manipulated with water, dissolving their inks and displacing the details they harbour into a slew of seeping fragments'. I love the crumbling, fading and decaying appearance of these, and remind me of some of London's street art, as well as peeling away old posters scattered around the city. The artist's work fitted the modern white crisp gallery space perfectly, however if they were displayed in Fortnum and Mason for example, they would look rather displaced amongst the regal surroundings.

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