Sunday, 19 October 2008

Russian Dolls

I came across these Russian dolls at the Piccadilly antiques market, a small market featuring a collection of kitsch second hand items, ornaments, and general things would find at your Grandma's house. I particularly liked the Russian dolls for a few reasons such as the array of pattern and colour, and how each one was different whether it be in size, or decoration. I like how Piccadilly features some of the most traditional buildings and shops, however there is still a huge mix of international influences seen everywhere. The Russian dolls represent how London has become what it is from its eclectic mix of other cultures and nationalities. Depending on where you go you can have a taste of classic British culture, or can equally have an experience different to anywhere else you would find in England. Although many of the items at the market looked tacky and dated, they would appear in an entirely different way if say they were featured in one of the high class antiques shops on Bond street. Equally, you could argue each doll is a piece of art work, and could make an interesting feature in a gallery, especially for anyone intrieged by textile elements of pattern and colour.

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